The attorneys of Zagoria Law are privileged and humbled to partner with referring attorneys who are seeking experienced legal representation for their clients. The vast majority of our referrals are received from lawyers who do not handle personal injury or contingent fee cases. We also receive referrals from other personal injury law firms that do not have the experience, time, or financial resources to aggressively pursue complex injury cases.

Co-Counsel and Referral Fees

Zagoria Law can help you generate income with no risk and no overhead. We routinely pay referral fees to other lawyers in accordance with The Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of Georgia. The Rules prohibit referral fees being paid to non-lawyers. The Rules also allow us to co-counsel a case with other lawyers and pay appropriate co-counsel fees to those lawyers.

We work with lawyers and firms throughout the state of Georgia, putting our combined 30 years of legal expertise to work to achieve maximum recoveries for clients.

We have paid $1,074,733 in referral fees over the last 5 years (2014-2018)

Our firm has experience delivering proven results for these practice areas:

• Injuries from dog bites
• Car and trucking accidents
• Injuries resulting from motorcycle accidents
• DUI wrecks
• Slip and fall
• Crime victims
• Wrongful death

If you have a client you would like to introduce to us, we welcome your call. We can meet with your client at your convenience and will work with you to investigate and develop the case in a way that best meets your client’s needs.